IATA RATE Aout 2023, in Ariary MG

  € = 4 922,970

  $ = 4 531,194

IATA RATE Aout 2023, in Ariary MG

  € = 4 922,970

  $ = 4 531,194

About ACM


The Civil Aviation of Madagascar (ACM) is a Public Industrial and Commercial Establishment (EPIC),

Established according to Decree No. 99-124 of February 17, 1999 on the organization of the administration of civil aviation in Madagascar and fixing the attributions of the structures that compose it, is the regulatory body of Madagascar in matters of Civil Aviation.
Administered by a Board of Directors and a General Management


The missions of the ACM are defined by the Civil Aviation Code. They can be summarized in three points:

1) Develop and implement appropriate strategies for the highest possible level of operational safety and security;

2) Promote a competitive Air Transport environment for the best possible satisfaction of the interests of users;

3) Manage “Malagasy air rights, national heritage” on behalf of the State, in compliance with the country’s international commitments.

The associated priorities are:

1) compliance of operator regulations and oversight program with international safety and security standards;

2) a level of connectivity compatible with the tourism policy;

3) the implementation of a policy of liberalization of the sector according to the orientations formulated by the State.


A recognized Authority
A Reference in the Indian Ocean area
A tool for the development of the country

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